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The Sheffield Heeley Constituency

Map of England showing Sheffield Heeley LocationHeeley is one of the six constituencies in the world renowned steel city of Sheffield. Bordered by the river Sheaf one of the rivers which provided the water power for its early industrial base. It has a unique character.

The constituency has been represented for the Labour party by Frank Hooley 1966 –1970, 1974 – 1983 and Bill Michie 1983 to 2001.

Much of the industry along the valleys have given way to supermarkets and leisure complexes the latest of which is in the process of being built. However, in the long awaited redevelopment of the Tyzacks site on Broadfield Road, business units are being provided.

Many of the areas that make up Heeley constituency have their own distinct character and idenity of which the residents are naturally proud. Heeley is home to Sheffield largest park Graves and Norfolk Heritage Park which is undergoing major transformation at the present time. Heeley City Farm now over 20 years old is a popular recreational centre for many Sheffield residents. Transport links have been much improved by the introduction of Supertram round the outskirts of the constituency. Housing is a mixture of private and public with high rise blocks and leafy suburbs. Much housing redevelopment is taking place especially in the Norfolk Park area. Rebuilding of schools is underway at several sites and much more is planned for the future.

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Area Map of Sheffield Heeley

Map of Sheffield showing the Heeley Constituency



Previous General Election result for 2005

In the 2005 General Election Meg retained her seat with one of the strongest Labour Majorities.

Party   Vote Share of vote
Labour    18205 54%
Libdem    7035 20%
Conservative    4987 15%
Others    3695 11%
Majority 11,170  (33%)
Turnout 57.8%



Previous General Election result for 2001

The 2001 General Election result was a resounding Labour success for the constituency of Sheffield Heeley.

Party   Vote Share of vote
Labour    19452 57%
Libdem    7748 23%
Conservative    4864 14%
Others    2075 6%
Majority 11,704   (34%)
Turnout 54.4%