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Meg supports Red Cross emergency planning campaign

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Meg Munn, Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley is supporting Red Cross Week (4th - 10th May)

The Red Cross have chosen to highlight their emergency response capability this week, saying on their website

"There's no time like the present. In these uncertain times, the role of the Red Cross is more critical than ever.

Every day, the Red Cross helps people in crisis, suffering the consequences of war, earthquakes, accidents, train crashes, terrorism and floods. Whatever and whenever the emergency, skilled Red Cross volunteers and staff can provide anything from food, water and shelter, to practical and emotional support."

During the week the Red Cross will be distributing 3 million cards to the public, giving ten practical points on how we can all plan for and cope with an emergency.

The ten points are

Preparing for an emergency

1. Keep all family / friends' home and work phone numbers with you. Select someone living away to be your contact point. If anything happens contact them.

2. Pack an emergency bag with bottled water, high-energy food, radio and torch with spare batteries, your medication and first aid kit. Keep it handy.

3. Ensure your mains electrical, gas and water valves / switches are well marked and you can turn them on and off.

4. Go on a two-hour Red Cross 'Save a Life' course or get our first aid CD-ROM

If an emergency strikes

5. Listen to local radio. Follow the advice of the emergency services.

6. Check for immediate dangers like smoke, water, unsafe buildings.

7. Assist vulnerable people near you.

8. Give first aid and get help.

9. Prepare to evacuate yourself, family, vulnerable neighbours and pets. If you have time and it is safe to do so, take your emergency bag.

10. Follow your personal contact plan (see point one).

Meg said "I support the British Red Cross in their campaign to encourage us all to plan more for potential problems that might arise in our lives. People will automatically think of terrorism, but those who have suffered from house fires or flooding, have been in train crashes, maybe those who live near chemical plants where the alert has been sounded, they know how much better it is if you have a plan of action, if you know what you need to do, rather than panicking. There are some really good suggestions on the Red Cross website at www.redcross.org.uk and there is a hotline that people can ring for more information - 0800 45 44 43. I hope Sheffield people will take the time to find out more"

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