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Meg Munn MP - Sheffield Heeley's voice in Parliament | Welcome
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Meg Munn supports Real Nappies campaign

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Meg Munn, Labour and Co-operative MP for Sheffield Heeley has joined 114 other MPs to sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) in support of the real nappy campaign.

Meg Munn backed EDM 1318 ‘That this House notes that disposable nappies make up four percent of domestic waste in the United Kingdom, with three billion being thrown away each year; congratulates the Real Nappy Association on their excellent campaign to encourage families, nurseries and hospitals to switch to traditional cotton nappies; and welcomes the response to the campaign by local authorities and hospitals.’

‘Politicians from all parties support this, which proves what an important issue it is. I hope more and more mums start using real nappies to the benefit of our environment.” said Meg

Real Nappy Week in April each year, raises awareness of the environmental impacts of nappies and informs parents about convenient shaped and fitted modern cloth nappies and nappy laundry services.

Parents interested in finding out where to buy cotton nappies can look up www.wen.org.uk  or send a large SAE with two stamps on it to The Real Nappy Association, PO Box 3704, London SE26 4RX.


Notes to Editor

Waste Reduction
Nearly 3 billion nappies are thrown away every year in the UK. Nappies make up 50% of the waste from a household with just one baby so families can cut their waste in half by using real nappies. With the cost to each local authority in hundreds of thousands of pounds per year on disposal (Bristol City, for example, spends £500,000 per year) it is not surprising that nappy schemes now play a key role in local authorities’ waste strategies.

You can kit out your baby in real nappies on the high street for under £60. This includes all the nappies and waterproof covers you will need for the whole of your baby’s nappy wearing life. The same amount of money will only buy your baby’s first seven to eight weeks of disposables. Even taking into account the total cost of laundering nappies at home, the savings are still considerable.

Why put your baby’s bottom in a chemical environment when you could choose a natural product? Disposable nappies are made of superabsorbent chemicals, paper pulp and plastics while real nappies put natural fabrics next to your baby’s skin. If you want the best solution, free of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals, organic cotton and hemp nappies and organic wool waterproof overpants are available at reasonable cost.

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