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Meg Munn MP - Sheffield Heeley's voice in Parliament | Welcome
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Meg comments on the crime figures

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Meg Munn, Labour and Co-operative MP for Sheffield Heeley,  commented on today's announcement of new crime figures (details below):

"Today's figures show a continuing fall in crimes such as burglary, car theft and robbery that can cause real distress to local people. We now have more police on the streets and have given police and local authorities a new set of powers to deal with yob and nuisance behaviour. This is paying off and we are cracking down on the mindless minority of yobs and criminals who can make the lives of hardworking people a misery.

"One of the consequences of having more police on the street is that more crime is being reported and detected. The rise in the recording of violent crime should be seen in context; it is mainly due to better recording of scuffles and half of the crimes recorded as 'violent' do not involve any injury to the victim at all.

"Gun crime is a real concern so it is good to see that we are introducing a mandatory 5 year sentence for the possession of an illegal firearm and that this will come into effect today. This is in addition to new laws in the Anti-Social Behaviour Act to combat the misuse of air weapons and imitation firearms.

"The overall message from today's figures is that the Government's drive to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour is paying off. Burglaries, car thefts and robberies are all down, anti-social behaviour is being confronted and beaten by new Government powers and today's mandatory 5 year sentence will deal with criminals who carry guns. There is always more to do and that is why I will continue to encourage local people to work with the Police and support the Government's initiatives on gun crime, domestic violence, alcohol-related disorder, street crime, sex offences & anti-social behaviour."


Key figures are:

Total crime: overall crime is unchanged compared to the same quarter in the previous year.
        BCS fall of one per cent.
=         Police recorded crime is unchanged.

Domestic burglary: continues to fall.
        BCS fall of two per cent.
4        Police recorded crime fall of three per cent.

Robbery: there continues to be a sustained fall in robbery largely due to the street crime initiative.
4        Police recorded crime fall of two per cent.

Violent crime: Police recorded serious violence and less serious violence have increased. This can partly be accounted for by continuing effects of recording changes and a greater willingness of victims to come forward.
4        BCS fall of three per cent.
X        Police recorded crime increase of 14 per cent.
Around two thirds of police recorded violent crimes involve no serious physical injury to the victim.

Vehicle crime: thefts of and from a vehicle continue to fall.
        BCS fall of five per cent.
4        Police recorded crime fall of eight per cent.

Victimisation rate:
4        The British Crime Survey shows the risk of being a victim of crime remains historically low at 27 per cent - around the same level as 1981 and one-third lower than the risk in 1995 (40 per cent).

Gun crime figures also published today show that the number of firearm offences in 2002/03 (excluding offences involving air weapons) increased by two per cent. This compares to a 34 per cent increase in 2001/02.  The publication shows:

?        Offences involving firearms (including air weapons) account for 0.41 per cent of all crime.
?        81 per cent of offences involving firearms resulted in no physical injury.
?        The number of firearm robberies decreased by 13 per cent.
?        The use of handguns to commit a crime decreased by six per cent.
?        The use of replica firearms to commit a crime increased by 46 per cent.
?        Last year there were 80 homicides involving firearms compared to 98 the year before - a reduction of 18 per cent. 

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