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Young People’s Page


Resources for young persons

1) Its Your Parliament too…

The role of Parliament and its Members is to represent the people of the United Kingdom. That means everyone, no matter what their age. This website is specifically designed to enhance young people's understanding of Parliament and how it works.

open web link


2) 18 year olds Online Survey

If you have recently celebrated your 18th birthday you should have received a congratulations letter from me. I hope you received it! In my letter I said I wanted to hear your views. I meant it. Please fill out this online survey using the password I sent and I will contact you again in the future with information that may be of interest. If you have lost the password please contact my office.

Use this page to » complete our on-line Survey


3) UK Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament aims to give young people in the UK between the ages of 11 and 18 a voice which will be heard by local and national government, providers of services for young people and anyone who has an interest in the needs of young people.

It was set up in July 1999 and held its first sitting in 2001. There are over 300 elected Members of Youth Parliament.

For more information, please see :

open web link

open web link


4) HeadsUp

The website HeadsUp is a place where young people can debate political issues and current affairs.

The debates involve the UK’s top decision-makers from parliament and government who want to understand the views and experiences of young people in Britain. Every debate is supported by background information, quizzes, online polls and can be used inside or outside school.

So, if you want to take part in some political debate, please visit :

open web link


5) Local Clubs and Organisations for Young People

The list below are just some of the clubs and organisations that may be of interest to those living in my constituency.

– Woodseats Amateur Boxing Club – open web link

– Voluntary Action Sheffield – open web link



Working with young people – resources for teachers

6) Parliamentary Education Unit

This service works with schools and Members of both Houses of Parliament to support young people in developing their understanding of Parliament and democracy. They have teaching material and can also arrange education tour around parliament.

open web link


7) Your Parliament

Your Parliament is a booklet you can download which explains how the country is run and how you can make young people’s voices heard. (Note this is an Adobe PDF format document)

open web link download the Your Parliament booklet


8) Do Politics Centre

This website is a resource hub for electoral administrators, youth and community workers, teachers, and other practitioners interested in encouraging people to get involved in our democracy. It has been established by the Electoral Commission which is an independent body set up by Parliament. Part of its role is to encourage people to get involved in democracy.

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